BizBackstop Support Options

If you’re here you’re feeling stuck or maybe feel like your business is running you instead of the other way around.

We can help with that…

But first… it’s ok if you’re struggling with this.

Did you know that many of us as entrepreneurs wonder what on earth we got ourselves into at times…

Business really is bloody hard work when things are overwhelming! 

But it doesn’t have to be like that!

  • You can eat this elephant, one bite at a time. Tame this tiger you have by the tail, and fall in love with being your own boss again.
  • Your priorities are likely in need of putting in order but knowing where to start is a great first step, so let’s focus on that.

If you need help – it’s either going to be: 

  1. Financial 
  2. Staff
  3. Sales and Marketing
  4. Direction and Planning

If you’ve read our book, you’ll have some idea of what is not working well, and it’s likely that your biggest challenges are relative to those top 4 above, so here’s what we can do to help immediately.

Time with Brydon

Time with Dixie

That means a conversation to help you get immediate clarity on what you need right now.  A one-on-one call to sound out what’s really going on with your business and where you need to focus your priorities right now.

And – yes it’s FREE for you if you meet the following criteria.

  • You’ve read the Biz Backstop Book so you already do have some idea of what’s frustrating you the most. So you can then get the best value out of 30 minutes with one of us.
  • You know which of us you need first, ie Brydon handles all the money and finance related matters, Dixie is about the other three areas.
  • You don’t have to do anything more than be ready to turn up on time, with notes/information and a willingness to resolve a situation. 

No BS, and No Sales Pitch 

Just a helpful conversation… 

There are also a few simple options you can access right now to get your business sorted if you wish:

If you need more than just a quick chat about something keeping you awake in your business, then here’s what your additional options are: 

  • Coaching with Dixie 
  • Consultant time with Brydon
  • Workshops to keep you on top of your learning
  • Hangout Q&A sessions once a month

There is funding contributions available for you via GOVT initiatives in some instances.  The full details are below, so you can better understand what these options entail. 

Or just read on for more information about these options…

Because we get that some people like to do lots of research before talking to a human, and others like to just ‘get that conversation happening’.

Monthly Q&A Hangouts

FREE FAQ Sessions every month where you get to join in the conversation, hear from various experts, and bring along your own FAQs. You can also join our FB and IG pages and get access to additional regular helpful tips and information.


We can do workshops on demand for teams, or you are able to join in our live and online training programs – just subscribe and look out for notices about these, or call for details.  We’ll also have information on our FB and IG sites about these.


If you need  help  on a money or tax matter, please  use the button below to book a time with Brydon via his Infinite Possiblities website booking system.

If you need help talking with your own accountant, that’s cool too – Brydon can help with that.


Work directly with Dixie:

  • 1:1 for three months
  • 1:1 for 6-12 months
  • 1:6 group program
  • Executive Coaching for CEOs and Executives.

BizBackstop Coaching – The Facts

If you have worked with a coach before, you’ll know that a great coach will help you stay on track with your planning and implementation.  And a great coach will hold you accountable to the targets you set yourself. Businesses who work with coaches  are likely to reap more than seven times the value they invest in coaching according to a study done by Forbes*.

But how does it work? 

First, you want a business coach who gets SMEs, Marketing, Branding, and has experienced the highs and lows of being self employed too.

Dixie Carlton is an award winning business person, author, and more importantly, many of her clients are also award winning business people and many are also authors. Her results are exemplary for the people she’s worked with since 2004 as a highly qualified business coach and marketing specialist.

We start with looking at your status quo, what you’re aiming for, and where you think you’re going, and how you plan to get there.  Also the ‘why’ you’re doing what you do. Then we form some additional plans, identify your priorities and get you focused on those. It’s really that simple.

 How much time does it take?

To get results that are measurable, you need to invest in 1 hour every week for a minimum of three months. That is all.  And then you can extend your coaching program for another 3 months and then another and another if you wish.  Many clients do.  And this is about ensuring you have results – because this is not about donations and hope.  We WORK together.

You have Three options:

1)    1:1 Basic Coaching – personalised weekly meetings and action plans with Dixie.

2)     1:6 Group coaching with up to 6 others on a regular monthly call, and 1 personal call per month.

In both instances you will also use the Biz Backstop APP and have access to that for 12 months and attend (live or online) quarterly workshops.

3)    Executive level coaching and training suitable for larger companies who need help with senior staff/management teams and both Dixie and Brydon’s time.    this is aimed at 1-2 hours per week commitment or more if required.

 Are there any guarantees?

Yes. If you are not happy with your coaching experience and progress after four weeks you’ll get half your first month’s investment refunded, and still keep the 12 month access to the APP, and what ever resources you have had up to then.  You will also notice that if you’ve done the work you needed to do in those first few weeks, your business priorities will already be more manageable.  So you’ll probably feel more in control, and happier going to work each day, and your people will probably notice a positive difference too.

*Prince, Russ Alan. “Are Business Coaches Worth the Time and Money?” Forbes. Web.