About Biz Backstop

About Dixie

Best selling author of many books on marketing, business, and publishing, as well as a handful of novels (for fun), Dixie lives in Northland, and has worked with SME’s and Industry Experts for nearly 30 years. She’s taken many clients successfully through awards programs, publishing of their books, and developing of their businesses. Dixie loves creating resources for clients that are easy to use and implement.

Hanging out in Kayaks, hiking with her partner Warren, and reading extensively are her down-time activities, but she’s also a bit of a workaholic and writes for fun across a number of genres too. Her latest novel is a historical fiction based on her Tipuna from 1820s and 1830s in the Bay of Islands.

Dixie Carlton

Marketing, Coaching, Workshops

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About Brydon

Brydon is an accountant with 30 years experience working with small businesses.  He also started his own SME in 2008 just before the Global Financial Crisis hit, and learned the hard way that advising and doing are not the same when it comes to business.

Infinite Possibilities Ltd went through the same highs and lows as many SME’s in the first 10 years.  His best selling books on business, taxes, (and one on how he beat Arthritis), have featured experiences and wisdom that have been incredibly helpful to many clients and readers. Brydon lives and works in Hamilton,  loves hiking and the great outdoors, and hanging out with his daughter on weekends.

Brydon Davidson

Accountant, Consultant, Ideas Guy

In 2017…

A few years ago, my accountant Brydon and I (Dixie) sat down for a chat about business. We had already worked together for a number of years – first I was his business coach, then he became my accountant, and then I helped him develop and publish a few books for SME’s.  Through that time we got to know each other’s attitudes towards business, marketing, coaching, and accounting well – and became good mates along the way too. One day our conversation led to the creation of a bold new idea that was finally launched in early 2022. Biz Backstop.