The Real-Time Hands-On Help You Really Need

Recession is a terrifying word, and some of the big extra words it magically conjurs up are: Fear, Overwhelm, and Strategy.

Let’s first reassure you that this is not going to hurt, because you’re going to get through this with a solid plan, outstanding support, and a team that is high functioning and experienced at this. Dixie got through the last recession (GFC 2009) with Brydon’s expert help when the repurcussions started to really bite in 2012-2014. And Brydon started his company in 2008 – also post the GFC – actually that’s when it started, right in the middle of it –  and Dixie helped him navigate through some of the critical growth issues over the following early years.  This is the team that has your back now!



False Evidence Appearing Real!

Let’s start with evaluating your actual situtation, strengths, where you are most vulnerable, and what opportunities you have where maybe you’re leaving money on the table, or where there is new money to be saved and made.


When the going gets tough, the tasks pile up…

So let’s ensure you’re working to the very best of your abilities, with a team who is hands on, and able to fully support what you need to get done, so that admin, decision making, marketing, and maintaining control is easier.


Planning and Execution

From evaluation of what’s wrong and what’s strong, a plan to ride out the challenges you can’t control, and an effective strategy to master what you can do better, bigger, and easier.  This is the fun part… thriving through the downturn!


At what ever stage you and your business are at, the sooner you stop putting out fires and start enjoying the management without the dramas, the sooner you’ll start enjoying a very different view.  We’re NOT offering a ‘typical workshop, coaching, training program – they don’t work! 

This Biz Backstop Program is part workshop, part coaching, and part rolling our sleeves up with you to get things done.

Here’s how it works:

Health Check

  • ID Problems – what are they and what can be done about these.
  • Where does your cash go?  Money in – Money Out.
  • Costs, Debts, Taxes, and the size and condition of your War-chest. 
  • What is your current “Return on Hours” 

1/2 Day Workshop

This is a one-on-one strategy session to plan the next three months to help ensure you have a better business, with the Health Check issues all identified, and the plans in place to progress your business forward.  In 90 Days you’ll already see measurable results of improvement. GUARANTEED!

Monthly Live Sessions 

90 minutes per month with Brydon and Dixie to ensure you are coping with the new habits, change is happening, and your implementation strategy is working. Plus, Weekly check ins with our team to see what additional hands on help you need from us to get things done!

Business By Design

Once you’re progressing forward – and noticing immediate positive change – then it’s time to start planning how to be a better business owner, and identifying the growth potential ahead. This is about cementing new ways of doing business, and moving foward even further. 

Part Rescue  / Part Development

In order to ensure your survival and ability to thrive through the tough times, we need to look at the backstory to how you ended up at this point in your business journey… and then we look forward to building on all that you’ve so far created and build forward.

Your Biz Backstop Team brings a powerful combination of finance, accounting, tax expertise, as well as marketing, SME coaching, and world class strategy skills to this program.

Both Brydon and Dixie have lived and worked and operated as business owners outside of NZ, both are best selling authors of business books, and have between them worked with hundreds of business owners in a wide range of industries.

Money Back Guarantee

We are very confident of our ability to offer a money back guarantee in our program. If you are not seeing results in your business within 6 weeks, and feeling confident about the way forward, you can ask for a refund and if we’re confident you did your part of what was needed for this to work, you’ll get the refund.

Your Commitment = Time and Money

We’d love to do this for FREE…. because helping small business operators is what we both love to do. But, we also have bills to pay, so this is NOT a Free ticket to success.

However, your investment in this Biz Backstop Program is not going to hurt, and you’ll value the input even more when your investment is returned in many wonderful ways.

Your Time:

You’ll need to work through the information in the Health Check – approximately 1-2 hours. Then attend a half day strategy session. 

Some homework each week, around 30-60 minutes, and a monthly meeting with us, of around 90 minutes duration. 


(Return on Hours)

Over three months, that’s going to add up to approximately 15-20 hours over three months to get your business functioning better, allowing you additional restful sleep each night, and less concern about laying off staff or paying your bills.

Your Money:

This program requires an investment of $5,000 + GST.

 $2,000 Dep / 2x $1500 installments

Up to $5,000 may be available for this via NZTE and we’ll help with this application too.

We believe the program has a real value of $9,000.


(Return on Investment)

This covers your health check, strategy session, 2x intensive training follow ups, and weekly check-ins.It also includes some of the ‘hands on help’ you’ll get with implementing things such as Accounting, Xero, Marketing, and more.


Value $2100.00

  • Helpful Books & Resources – by both Brydon and Dixie that are short, easy to digest, and very helpful to support your learning in the program. Value $100
  • Biz Backstop APP – worth $750 per year
  • Values and Needs analysis to help identify more you can achieve with your business branding. Value: $500.
  • Online Marketing Evaluation – website and social media, value $500.
  • Guest on SME Podcast – to further promote your business, Value $250.00

Are You Ready?

This program is very hands on for each of us, and so is therefore  limited to only FIVE companies per quarter. If you would like to be supported in this BizBackstop Program, please book a time for a conversation HERE! 

You’ll recieve a FREE copy of our book BizBackstop and an email link to engage a time to talk about your joining us. 


Next Steps: 

The first part of this program is about helping you have a Better Business that functions profitably, and has robust systems starting to be in place to ensure your ability to manage tasks and lead your team are significantly enhanced. 

After completing the first 90 day program, you will then be invited to join the second phase of this program which is focused on Helping you to be Better Business Owner. This deals with your habits, mindset, beliefs and goal setting in 10 corners of your busines and personal life so you can start achieving even more success.

You can elect to become  part of the Better Business Owner program or not – there’s no pressure if you just decide to stay focused on the first part, and there’s also no time restraints either. You might like to take a break in between – that’s up to you. 

The THIRD phase of the full Biz Backstop Program is focused on Building a Better World through being a great business operator with a high functioning small – medium business.  We’ll discuss this with you through the Better Business Owner program – it may or may not suit you to move forward to this option.