Are you sometimes wondering what the heck got you into this big idea in the first place?  How did you end up here, self employed, filing a GST return long after the kids went to bed… hoping that you got it right, claimed everything, declared everything and will that courier turn up on time in the morning?

Being self employed is a big step from being an employee…. all care and no responsibility, right? Well now the buck stops with you, and you’re being tested at every turn some days.  And others you’re singing all the way to the bank because the bills got paid on time, the cashflow is positive, and the chance to take off early and see your kids soccer game is a moment worth celebrating.

Those days when the boss was the biggest issue of the day are long gone, and you’re working your way through all the myriad of things that mean you’re now the boss, and loving it.

Congratulations – it’s a healthy bouncing baby business you gave birth to, and now you have to nurture it towards a fully adult company.  Relax, you got this, it’s easy right?

Well, in many instances yes the transition from employed to self-employed is easy, and other times it’s really freaking hard work!  If you have friends and family who have done this before, you have people you can turn to for advice and support when you need it.  But if this is new to you, then maybe you need a mentor, or  coach.  Maybe you need to read more books, hire better experts, or just fake it till you make it.

Here we are, ready to help you figure all that out.  And we’d like to invite you to relax, unclench those worried fists, and unwind a bit as you work through your very long to-do list.  Because you don’t have to be a superhero, or a genius, or even a non-sleeping, worried and stressed man or woman today. Because we got you, and we are here to be your Biz-Backstop.  The one who can help ensure you keep those plates spinning without them all crashing down around your ears ok?

1) Read our book – when you get a spare minute.

2) Download our APP – and spend less than 30 minutes a week, working through anything you’re unsure of.

3) Sign up for our Hangouts – under Workshops and Webinars and bring your big questions, join in the conversation and devote just 45 minutes a month to connecting with us and others in your same canoe, so you can get some feel good moments shared and worries eased.

And if you need some real-time help, and you’ve read our book, you can connect for a quick one-on-one chat too.

Dixie and Brydon


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